Lesson Plans 

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Press Conference


Fake News and How to Find It


Penned and Published


Interviewing Your Friend


News Worthiness


Live Shots

Interviewing Skills


5 W’s and H

Learning News Value

Student Profile


Summarize Efficiently

Investigative Journalism


Email Newsletter

Broadcast Roles

Formatting Interview Questions

8 Common Grammar Errors

Inverted Pyramid and Lede Writing


Rule of Thirds


News Style Broadcast Script

5 W’s and H for Newscast


Journalism Ethics

Opinions Piece


Be Verbs

Inverted Pyramid


T-shirt Summary


Creative Writing

How To: News Story


5 W’s and H

The 5W’s of Website Evaluation

Caption Writing

Strong Vocab

Write A Review

Doodle Image from News Story

Find the Story


Vocabulary for Podcasting

Hard News v. Soft News


Commas, Commas, Commas!


How To: A Sports Story

Interview Booklet

How To Learn TypographyInverted Pyramid


Cozy Colors


Operating Cameras


Rule of Thirds


Where to Look for News

Timelapse Video